Vendor Relations

Competitive Bids

The management agent will solicit competitive bids for all service contracts. A detailed comparison of the bids will be provided to the Board of Directors to assure that the Association is getting the best value for their money.

Certification of Contractors

The management agent will ensure that all contractors performing work for the association have valid insurance coverage and the appropriate business licenses before commencement of any work is approved.

Contract Price Negotiation

Once the vendor list has been approved, the management agent will contact each vendor being considered and negotiate the “best price” for the Association.

Vendor Selection

The management agent will make any or all selections of vendors as delegated by the Association.

Verification and Monitoring of Services

The management agent is responsible for verifying that all the services that were contracted for have been completed prior to making any disbursements to the vendor. The agent will also review the contractor’s work and recommend any changes foreseen to provide future efficiency and or lower maintenance costs.

Maintenance of Vendor Files

The management agent will maintain files of all vendors that have been solicited for services. These will include bid proposals, correspondences, all executed contracts, corresponding insurance documents and W-9 forms.


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