Architectural Control

Routine Property Inspections

The management agent will make routine inspections of the community. Based on these inspections, recommendations will be made for repair and maintenance of any deficiencies observed. A monthly status report will be provided tothe board.

Architectural Modification Control

The management agent will monitor, approve and or deny requests of homeowners to make architectural modifications to their property. The agent will follow the Association’s established guidelines for approving or denying modifications. The agent will be responsible for distributing written notification to the homeowner of the decision. Violation letters will also be sent to homeowners who fail to comply with the Association Architectural Guidelines. On the scheduled drive thru the agent will check for violations throughout the community. The Board will be provided a monthly log of Modifications and Violations.

Maintenance of all Architectural Related Files

The management agent will maintain copies of all architectural modification packets, any associated correspondence, violation letters, architectural modification logs and violation logs.


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